Master Alex
Master Alex heads our Household, giving guidance and direction to our life and providing stability.

Master is the National Executive Director of Masters And slaves Together, Incorporated (MAsT).  He is frequently called on to serve as a judge in the International and various regional Master/slave contests.  He is the receipient of the 2005 Master Heart Award given by the Northeast Master and slave Conference.

Master also gives back to the leather community thru the offering of his services as a webmaster.  He has published and maintains the MAsT (Masters And slaves Together) websites for MAsT National and most of the MAsT Chapters around the US.

Master Alex is the owner of boy kevin and slave nick.  He is proud to have been the owner of slave john who died in 2001 while in service to the Household.

boy kevin
boy kevin, aka "Spike", is a Full Member under contract to Master Alex since June 1997 and residing in the Household since August 1998.  He serves as our grounds keeper and gardener, keeper of the leathers, cook and miscellaneous other tasks.

We are proud of boy kevin's efforts as a contestant in the 1998 & 2004 International Bootblack Contest (IBC) which was part of the IML (International Mr Leather) competition in Chicago, and in the 2004 Great Lakes Leather Association Weekend in Indianapolis.  boy kevin was also the designer of the web page for the 1998 IBC.  He is the former webmaster for Trident Windy City and for ICON Detroit.

We are also proud of boy kevin's work to implement the logo design and to create many of the graphic elements for the MAsT (Masters And slaves Together) websites constructed by Master Alex.

slave nick
slave nick is our newest member.  Having been a Visitor in the Household for about four months, nick was collared and contracted as an Apprentice Slave on July 12, 2005.  He moved into the house during the time of his Visitor status.

Master Riven
Master Riven is the resident feline Master of the Household.  His loud voice and demanding ways mask his true gentle nature and the fact that he is a real pussycat.

Mistress Diana
Mistress Diana is the resident feline Mistress of the Household.  Her kettenish behavior entertains us endlessly, but her seductive sensuality claims us as her slaves.

slave/boy John
slave john was a Full Member who resided in the Household from June, 1997, until his death on April 2, 2001, exemplifying our motto virtue of Stability of Life.  slave john was the original and lead slave of Household Keppeler and he helped Master Alex lay the foundation, design and develop the Household.  He served as Master Alex's personal secretary and as majordomo of the Household.  slave john also served as trainer for our other boys.

slave john assisted Master as the National Assistant Director of MAsT.  He also used his talents to play the piano, sing solos and lead the music for various church services.  We are especially proud of his musical offerings for the MCC services at the 1997 and 1998 IML (International Mr. Leather) Contest and Weekend in Chicago and his recorded music used at the 2001 IML service.

slave john also used his talents as a professional graphics designer to develop the logo for the MAsT (Masters And slaves Together) websites Master Alex constructed and maintains.

You may email us at Master@HouseholdK.org.

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