We are gay leathermen who live in community, residing in south central Michigan, USA.  Our Household, which has been in existence since mid-1997, consists of a Full Member Master, two Full Member slave boys (one deceased April 2, 2001), an apprentice slave, a feline Master and a feline Mistress.  We have a vision of a much larger Household of several Masters and numerous boys and slaves.

In our vision the Masters order the life of the Household with the advice and consent of all Full Members of the Household.  While boys and slaves are owned by their individual Masters, all Masters, boys and slaves are in service to the Household.

We are seeking the spiritual values of the Leather lifestyle, striving to live our lives together in a spiritual manner of communal living within a loving family.  We believe that our life in leather is a journey of self-knowledge and self-discovery in which one hopes to discover how he relates to The Other, to himself, to others in the Household and to the outside world.

We are not isolated in our vision, but seek to draw on historical sources of the leather tradition and the communal aspects of the Rule of St. Benedict, and on the resources of others who are treading a similar path.  We are part of a larger web of leather families and households as well as part of various formal and informal associations of leatherfolk and BDSM practitioners.  Nor are we turned inward as each member of the Household seeks to be involved in some activity of ministry or outreach to the community.

We have a four step process for a seeker to become a submissive Full Mmember in Household Keppeler.  First the seeker comes as an occasional Visitor in the Household for some period of time of at least three months.  Second, when it seems appropriate to Master and the Household, the seeker may be contracted for six months as an Apprentice in the Household during which time he will work as a slave on developing the virtue of Obedience.  Third, the Master and Household may then offer a one year renewable contract as a Novice in the Household during which time he will work as a slave/boy on the virtue of Submission.  And fourth, the Master and Household may then receive him as a boy and Full Member of the Household to work on the virtue of Stability in a life lived in and for the Household.

We invite you to study our Vocational Grid to see a tabular representation of the process toward becoming a submissive member of our Household.  Masters interested in the process of membership in the Household for themselves should e-mail Master Alex directly.

For Dominants and submissives who wish to be closely affiliated with the Household without becoming members we also offer an Oblate status.

You may email us at Master@HouseholdK.org.

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